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bneijt::Options Struct Reference

#include <Options.hh>

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Detailed Description

A collection of static variables containing options.

Definition at line 32 of file Options.hh.

Static Public Attributes

static bool aapHeaderDone
 Wether the A-A-P header has been outputted.
static bool brute
 Brute flag.
static std::string CC
 The compiler command.
static bool clearPerCommand
 Clear per command flag.
static std::string commandAppend
 To append to every compiled command (--append).
static bool defaultUpdate
 Wether the force option is given.
static std::string execOnFail
 XOF option.
static std::string execOnPass
 XOP option.
static std::string extraArgs
 Arguments given with --args.
static std::vector< std::string > extraResolutions
 Extra resolution files given with --addres.
static bool highlight
 Wether to highlight g++ output.
static std::string homepage
 The homepage to mention in scripts.
static std::vector< std::string > includePaths
 A list of include paths (-I).
static bool interAr
 Wether to archive inbetween compile and link.
static bool loadGlobalRes
 Global resolution loading flag.
static bool makefileHeaderDone
 Wether the Makefile header has been outputted.
static bool md5
 Wether to use MD5 checks.
static bool precompile
 Use precomiplation.
static bool precompileAll
 Precompile all.
static std::string progVersion
 The version (of the library) as given by --version.
static bool showCommands
 Wether to show commands (part of verbose).
static bool simulate
 Wether we are running a simulation.
static bool verbose
 Wether to be verbose.
static std::string version
 The version.
static bool xml
 Wether to produce xml where possible.

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