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bneijt::System Class Reference

#include <System.hh>

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Detailed Description

The main workinghorse The actual system, wich loads sources and starts building. This is a static class containing all needed functions for the commands.

Definition at line 40 of file System.hh.

Static Public Member Functions

static void aapFor (Source *root, std::ostream &str)
 Produce an a-a-p for root on str.
static void aapForAll (std::ostream &str)
 Produce an a-a-p file on str.
static bool addArguments (int &argc, char **&argv)
 Load extra agruments from the ccResolutions file.
static void build (Source *source, Compiler &cc)
 Build the given source using the given compiler.
static void build (Source *source)
 Build the given source.
static void buildAll ()
 Build all binTargets in the current directory.
static bool changeTo (std::string const &path)
 Change to the given path.
static void check (Source *source)
 Check the given source status.
static void check ()
 Check all local binary target sources.
static void clean (Source *source)
 Clean the given source.
static void clean ()
 Clean all local sources.
static void collectTargets (std::vector< Source * > &sources, bool skipBinaryTargets=true)
 Expand all sources on the given list to include all targets associated with them.
static void depsFor (Source *root, std::ostream &str)
 Write dependencies for root to str in human readable form.
static void depsFor (std::ostream &str)
 Write dependencies to str in human readable form.
static void destroy () throw ()
 Delete the singletons.
static void distclean ()
 Remove all 'o' directories recursively.
static void dotgraphFor (Source *root, std::ostream &str)
 Write a header include graph in DOT language for root to str.
static void dotgraphForAll ()
 Write a header include graph in DOT language for all binary targets.
static void exit (int retValue)
 Call destory, then exit with retValue.
static void icmake (Source *source)
 Clean the given source.
static void icmake ()
 Clean all local binary target sources.
static void inspect (Source *root)
 Inspect the given source pointer.
static void inspect (std::string filename)
 Inspect the given filename source.
static void inspect ()
 Inspect all sources in the current directory.
static int lib (std::string const &version, Source *s=0)
 Build a library of all local sources or a given source.
static void localSourcesInto (std::vector< Source * > &list)
 Glob all sources of the current directory and place their Source pointers in list.
static void makefileFor (Source *root, std::ostream &str)
 Produce a Makefile for root on str.
static void makefileForAll (std::ostream &str)
 Produce a Makefile on str.
static void md5 (Source *source)
 MD5 sum the sources in a source tree.
static void md5 ()
 MD5 sum the all bintargets in current directory.
static bool parseArguments (Arguments &arg)
 Load the Options functions using the arguments given. Returns true on error.
static std::string projectName ()
 Deduct the project name from the directory structure.
static void resolveTest (Source *s, std::set< std::string > *globals)
 Resolve the source and insert non-resolving into globals.
static void resolveTest (std::ostream &str)
 Resolve test command.
static void resolveTest (Source *s, std::ostream &str)
 Resolve test command for all sources.
static unsigned sleep (unsigned const seconds)
 System sleep call.
static int system (std::string const &command, bool simulate=Options::simulate) throw (Problem)
 Execute command and return the exit status.
static void tree (Source *source, std::ostream &str)
static void tree (std::ostream &str)
static void trim (std::string *argument)
 Trim the given string.
static std::string trimmed (std::string const &argument)
 Return a trimmed version of the given string.

Static Private Attributes

static bool forceLink

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